Sapta Black SevenChakra Bracelet

Sapta Black SevenChakra Bracelet

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Wearing the colors of the rainbow on my hand, with bright and happy colors is enough for me as a benefit for wearing chakra bracelets! But there are even more benefits.

Each colour of the chakra rainbow is linked to one of your chakras!!
The color red is linked to your Root chakra, orange is linked to your Sacral chakra, yellow is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, green is linked to the Heart chakra, light blue is linked to the Throat chakra, dark blue is linked to the Third Eye chakra, and purple and white are linked to the Crown chakra.

Gemstones are then linked to each color.

As before also we have mentioned in our Auric Explosion Collection that
Gemstones are natural conductors of energy, and this is what make them such great tools in healing and aligning your chakras. The colors of these gemstones will direct their energy to the different chakrasthat they belong to.

Therefore there are different gemstones for different chakras. These are the ones we use:

Red jasper for the Root chakra

Red Aventurine Carnelian and Picasso Jasper for the Sacral chakra

Yellow jade for the Solar Plexus chakra

Aventurine and moss agate for the Heart chakra 

Amazonite and turquoise for the Throat Chakra

Lapis Lazuli and sodalite for the Third eye chakra

Amethyst and Quartz crystal for the Crown chakra

There are more gemstones linked to each chakra but we use these for our chakra bracelets because they resemble the rainbow, making their color tones more directly linked to each chakra .

Hence this bracelet is stranded in black onxy as it helps to keep the negativity away.

As we dive deeper into each individual chakra we use more gemstones. We started making seven chakra healing bracelets, but then realized that some of us have a particular chakra that we need to heal and focus on.
So we also make individual chakra healing bracelets.